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Install Cisco NSO for personal use

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is the most famous Orchestrator in Service Providers. It helps SPs to automate the number of operations such as Provisioning (using NetConf most of the times).

It is free to use for personal and non production use. However Cisco NSO is available for only MAC and Linux operating systems. So here’s how to use NSO personal edition :-

  1. If you are on MAC, you are good to go. If you are on windows, you will need VM. Below steps explains the steps needed for Linux only.
  2. Download the Cisco NSO from official site :-


Once done, move the software package to the desired folder.

Run the below command :-

  • sh nso-5.x.x.darwin.x86_64.installer.bin nso500 (if folder name is nso500)
  •  “source nso500/ncsrc
  • check this worked if you want “echo $NCS_DIR

you need a running directory for the NSO, Make the directory and run below commands :-

  •   mkdir mynso
  •   cd mynso
  •   ncs-setup –dest . (dot at the end is mandotary)

In order to create netsims, you’ll need a NED in the packages directory. So go to packeges and copy the NEDs

  •  cd packages
  •  cp $NCS_DIR/packages/neds/cisco-ios .

Now… you can make a netsim network (with this type of device)

  •  ncs-netsim create-network ./packages/cisco-ios 3 c

This will create three netsims of ios type with name “c0” “c1” “c2”

you can start them with (simply) “ncs-netsim start” and to log into a netsim do “ncs-netsim cli-c c0

starting nso is just “ncs” in mynso directory.

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