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Interview Question – Data Link Layer of OSI model

This section has questions related to the DATA Link Layer of OSI Model

  • What is the data on this layer called?
  • Describe the two sub-layers of this layer.
  • What are the responsibilities of LLC and MAC layer.
  • Describe the Ethernet Frame structure.
  • What is the Preamble used for and what is the value of it?
  • What is the SF indicate in the Ethernet header and what is its Value.
  • What is the size of MAC Address.
  • What are the OUI and Vendor assigned bits in MAC Add?
  • What is the 7th bit used for in MAC ADD?
  • What is the significance of 8th bit of MAC ADD?
  • What are the Multicast MAC ADD?
  • What are the Broadcast MAC ADD?
  • Can we manually configure the MAC ADD?
  • What is the protocols used in this layer.
  • Describe the ARP and ARPA protocol.
  • What is the DEST MAC ADD – 0000.0000.0000.0000 denotes?
  • What is TAGGED Ethernet Header?
  • What is the MTU size and how it is useful?
  • What are Runts?
  • What are Giants?
  • What is the difference between MTU and MSS? 
  • How is the significance of ether-type?
  • What are the standard and JUMBO frames?

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