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Interview Question – Network Layer of OSI model

This section describes the Interview questions related to Network Layer of OSI model.

  • What are the protocols used on this layer.
  • Difference between Routed protocol and routing protocols.
  • Explain IPV4 header and its components.
  • Explain IPv6 Header and its components.
  • What is the size of IPv4 header.
  • What is the size of IPv6 header.
  • What are the different Classes of IPv4.
  • What is the DF bit.
  • What is MF bit.
  • What is the relation between Packet size and MTU size.
  • What is the “PROTOCOL” field indicate in IP header.
  • Protocol no of ICMP, IGMP,VRRP etc.
  • What is the TOS field used for in IP header.
  • When IDENTIFICATION field used in ip header.
  • What is the data encapsulated on Network layer – HINT : Upper layers DATA+ HEADER is the Lower layer’s PDU.
  • What are the Routing protocols.
  • What is a route.

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