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Interview topics – OSPF

  1. OSPF packet types.
  2. OSPF area types, router types , network types.
  3. Neighbor adjacency state machine.
  4. OSPF as link state routing protocol, neighbor discovery.
  5. How to read OSPF tables( routing, neighbor, topology).
  6. Types of LSA and use case for each LSA’s.
  7. OSPF DR/BDR election.
  8. OSPF loop prevention.
  9. OSPF troubleshooting.
  10. How to read OSPF database.
  11. Default route types in OSPF for external, internal prefixes.
  12. OSPF vs ISIS.
  13. OSPF cost , metrics.
  14. OSPF Stub areas, LSA filtering.
  15. Virtual Links, Sham links.

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