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Interview Questions – BGP path selection, route filtering, attributes, messages, troubleshooting.

  1. If we have two routers connected to same ISP, which path will be selected as primary and on which parameter if all the attributes are unchanged?
  2. Can we use MED for router connected to two different ISP ? is it possible by default ? if it’s possible how can it be achieved?
  3. How does BGP select best path, what is path selection mechanism?
  4. Can BGP have more than one path in its routing table by default?
  5. My BGP neighbor is down , what can be the issue?
  6. The EBGP neighborship via loopback is down? what can be the reasons?
  7. A-B-C , three routers in single AS,A-B, B-C are ibgp neighbors, A is not able to communicate with be via loopback? what can be the reason and how we can resolve it.

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