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BGP Message Types

BGP relies on different types of messages as with any other protocol. Let’s look at the different message types of BGP and their significance.

  1. Open – This message is same as OSPF hello. It is used to initiate the BGP Neighborship process. It is shared only once initially and has below contents :-
    Length/Type=1/Version/AS Self/Hold down Timer/BGP R.ID/Capabilities
    As soon as Open BGP Open message is shared only once after TCP connection at port 179 is formed.
  2. Keepalive – This message is shared every 60 seconds and work as keepalive mechanism for BGP. It is fairly simple message type.
  3. BGP Update :- This message is used to share/delete the prefixes from one BGP peer to another. It contains below parameters :-
    Message Type/Withdrawn routes/Path attributes/NLRI                  BGP Update message for sharing new prefix information                  BGP Update message for deleting prefix information
    Prefixes which has same path attributes goes into same update message.
  4. Notification Message – This message is problematic and result into broken BGP peering. It often tells the reason for broken BGP peering                  Notification when BGP admin refreshed BGP process                  Notification when BGP neighbor deleted.

SO these were the BGP message Types along with their content. Happy Reading!!!

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