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How to RENEW your CCNA/CCNP for FREE!!!

If you are a Network Engineer, Chances are you are CCNA certified. As we all know Cisco CCNA is root of every Network Engineer’s career. However there is one downside of CCNA certification, its COST.
Yes, CCNA is costly and we need to renew it in a 3 year cycle. Today we will discuss how can you renew the CCNA certification for FREE. Yes, you read it correct (Saving some $). So without further suspense, lets see how can you renew your CCNA (I renewed mine, btw) :-
1. Go to Cisco Certmetrics. You will land on below page.

2. Check your CCNA renew and expiry date as shown in snap.

3. Now click on the exam [CCNA]. You would see below screen, with exam history. Now the main point to notice is point 1.2. This point is for Cisco Continue Learning Credits. If you haven’t take any CE course you would see 0/30.

So for renew the existing certifications you need to acquire below points :-
CCNA – 30 Credits
SPECIALIST – 40 Credits
EXPERT – 120 Credits

You can read more details about the policy on Link-1 and Link-2.

Now the main part, how can you get these points :-
1. Go to Cisco Continuous Learning website and login with your mail id (Same as when you registered your exam). The Link is Cisco CE Website

2. Now go to item catalogue

3. Now you need to study and pass exam after the course for credits. Exam is of 10 Questions and we need to get 7 points to pass.
4. You will get 10 chances for a exam.
5. Below are the FREE courses we can take to avail 30 points (In Item catalogue not all courses are FREE, just these and some other)

A-SDW-DATPLN - The SD-WAN Mastery Collection – Deploying The Data Plane- For Customers [6 Points]
A-SDW-OVRLAY - The SD-WAN Mastery Collection – Deploying The Overlay Topology - For Customers [5 Points]
A-SDW-START - The SD-WAN Mastery Collection – Getting Started - For Customers [6 Points]
CUST-SDA-ISE - Preparing the ISE for SD-Access (for Customers) v1.0 [4 Points]
Cisco DNA Center Fast Start Use Cases (A-SDA-FASTSTART) [5 Points]
Getting Started with DNA Center Assurance (A-DNAC-ASSUR) v1.0 [4 Points]

 6. Once you pass the exam, You need to Submit it to Cisco.

7. Immediately, you will receive the acceptance mail and can see it on your dashboard.

ONCE all the above work is done. You can renew your CCNA/CCNP for free. Happy Learning.

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