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Interview Questions on MPLS

  1. What is the significance of RD, RT?
  2. How does RD make customer prefixes unique in the service provider networks?
  3. Can you explain PHP? Why it is used and what does it overcome?
  4. What fields does the MPLS label have
  5. Which Protocol carries the VPNV4 prefixes from one PE to another PE
  6. Please explain the L3 VPN control plane, all the components and how they are integrated together?
  7. Can you please explain how customer routes are imported from VRF to BGP and exported from BGP to VRF?
  8. Can customer’s use the exact same address space?
  9. Do you know what is VRF-lite?
  10. Can you please explain the data plane forwarding inside the MPLS domain? Once the control plane is up and running?
  11. How many types of labels are exchanged in L3 VPN for one customer site to another customer site?
  12. Can you please explain how the push, pop swap operations works inside the MPLS domain?
  13. Which table is used by MPLS from the following for label swapping? LIB, LFIB, FIB, RIB.
  14. If we have two directly connected routers with Two links, how many LDP sessions are formed?
  15. What is the significance of Transport label and VPN label in L3 VPN?

This is just an overview of interview question for MPLS.

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