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Approach to learning and certifications

Approach to get any certifications.


Certification looks great on paper, but there should be viable approach to get it.

From our Experience, here is the complete process which might help you to achieve in better way.

Process which can give you some insights on how to go about or approach any certs:

  • Before giving any certification, make sure you know why are you doing the certification what benefits it will give in the near upcoming future.
  • Certification should be a process of learning, testing your knowledge not just achieving the on-paper marks and cert.
  • Once you have selected a certification track or any specific certification, try to set some realistic time line, like I will complete my learning in let’s say 2 months and 5-10 days I will start the Question and Answer from practice exams to test what you have already learned so far.
  • This will not only set a realistic timeline, but also make you make, learn on daily basis and by the end of 2months, you are almost there to clear the exam since you have taken that effort to go through the process of learning.
  • From our experience, the process of learning should be the top most priority, if you have done your homework, understood the basic and the content which is present in the resources which you refer, then it becomes far easier in the actual tests.
  • So now once the timeline is set, next thing is to decide which is the most relevant resources, since there are tons and tons of resources available on the market.
  • We would suggest to start learning from the basics, may join a boot camp or training, where you get hands on knowledge along with the theoretical.
  • At this point, I would like let you know that we @IPINBITS, have written articles from scratch which are not only going to give you the fundamentals, but also will help in your Networking certs, along with real life Network scenarios which you will encounter in your career.
  • So, you can take our approach, and this will definitely help in making the process of learning easier, since we have taken the time and effort to show the technologies along with the Lab setups, also you can check our website on training part as well.
  • Selecting the right training and training materials are key, because it will not only help you clear the exam, but change your mindset in approaching real life day to day network issues and how to resolve them analytically, logically.
  • Once you complete the learning be it training, or going through online, course taking notes, or reading articles, you should be confident enough to take the date which you have set for the exam.
  • Key focus of this article, is to make you understand that Process is more important than the actual results, if you have the process in place then results will automatically show up.
  • Focus on Learning, preparing, enjoy the process, clear the exam.

Check out our website for learning, trainings ipinbits.com, ipinbits.com/knowledge-base

Hope you enjoyed the article, all the best from IPINBITS !!!! for your future, keep learning, keep sharing, keep improving, keep motivating !!!

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