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OSPFv3 Introduction

  So far we have covered OSPFv2 in great detail. Lets have a look at OSPFv3 now, but why do we need two versions of...

GRE Tunnel Introduction

Today we will discuss about the GRE tunnels. First thing first - What are the tunnels? Well tunnels are the mechanisms used for reaching one...

Interview Questions on MPLS

What is the significance of RD, RT?How does RD make customer prefixes unique in the service provider networks?Can you explain PHP? Why it is...

MPLS ping – checking connectivity in MPLS network

So in our last ARTICLE about ping, we talked about how ping is used for checking connectivity for IP networks. How do we check...

MPLS : Route-Target

We already saw how RD works previously, if you want to read once more click here --> RD article, lets move to Route-Target or...

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