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How to RENEW your CCNA/CCNP for FREE!!!

If you are a Network Engineer, Chances are you are CCNA certified. As we all know Cisco CCNA is root of every Network Engineer's...

Interview Questions: OSPF area types, router types , network types.

Why area 0 is called backbone area?How does summarization work in OSPF in case have A1-A0-A2?Can we connect a router which is not...

Interview Questions – OSPF DR/BDR

How is DR elected in an network and how can others know who is DR, which specific address are used?On which network DR/BDR is...

Switching – STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) overview

Why we use the STP- to avoid the loop on L2 networks. L2 networks works based on the Ethernet headers and Ethernet headers do...

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