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So far we have seen OSPF packet types, OSPF Messages, OSPF Areas, DR/BDR election and stuff. This article will help in understanding all the OSPF...


MPLS LABEL : MPLS is multiprotocol label switching, which is between L2 and L3 Header also known as L2.5 protocol.We will have more detail articles...

IPv4 – Lets have a packet analysis

As you know IPv4 is a routed protocol, it means this protocol is used for L3 addressing only and not for routing. We route...

Interview Question – OSI model

Here are the TOP interview questions which will always asked in every interview ever :-1. OSI MODEL What are the different Layers of OSI model.How...

Interview Question – TRANSPORT LAYER of OSI model

This post is about the possible questions on TRANSPORT LAYER of OSI model. What is difference between TCP and UDP.TCP ports ranges - Reserved, Available...

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