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MPLS: Route Distinguisher

This article will explain what is Route Distinguisher in MPLS, why do we need it what is the significance of RD. Route Distinguisher is 64-bit...

MPLS : Double Lookup and PHP

This articles is based on the double lookup scenario in MPLS and how PHP overcomes its, as we already discuss the PHP term in...

MPLS : VRF and VRF-LITE (LAN/Customer Network)

Lets discuss about VRF and VRF-LITE what is the difference how do we configure and check. Virtual Routing and Forwarding As we all know, Routers refer...


This article will give you insights on what is ldp, how labels are dynamically assigned, why we use LDP, LDP neighborship, ldp label generation...

MPLS: Label Switching, Push, Swap, Pop

To view on the previous MPLS articles click on the below link if you haven't already check you can start from there and then...

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