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As we know now, STUB area is required to reduce the number of external LSA's, in turn reduce the routing table within.Stub area...

Totally STUB

Let's continue from where we left off in Stub areas, now we will move ahead with TOTALLY STUB Area, as we know by now...


We have seen Stub and Totally Stub area, so the question arises, why do we need another Stub area type. ( also asked in...

OSPF LSA and Types of LSAs

As we already know OSPFv2 uses LSAs (Link State Advertisements) as a medium for exchanging data between OSPF neighbors. By using LSAs, OSPF synchronize...

LSA 1 – Router LSA

Router LSA is generated by every router in the OSFP domain. This LSA contains all the information about the LINKS a router has. ...

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