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Link State Acknowledgment packet: LSACK is message type 5 inside OSPF header.As the name suggests it is an acknowledgement sent in return to all the...


Link State Update packet: Link State Update (LSU) packets are OSPF message Type 4 in the OSPF header.The local router advertises LSA within an LSU...

OSPF Packets : LSR

Let’s continue to dive deep in the remaining packets: LSR: LSR i.e. Link state request packet is used to request a specific prefix or route which...

OSPF Packets: DBD

Let’s open the DBD packet and use what's inside, why DBD is required and how DBD are exchanged DBD: DATABASE Description packet, which has message...

OSPF Packets: Lets have a close look at OSPF packets

OSPF uses the following 5 packets(Click on the buttons, to view in details) between two routers to form and maintain the adjacency, topology table...

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