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TCP-3-way Handshake and Termination

TCP-3-way-handshake, Graceful termination Overview: How is TCP 3-way handshake and graceful termination achieved, why it was necessary and how it is accomplished in day to...

Interview Question – OSI model

Here are the TOP interview questions which will always asked in every interview ever :-1. OSI MODEL What are the different Layers of OSI model.How...

Interview Question – TRANSPORT LAYER of OSI model

This post is about the possible questions on TRANSPORT LAYER of OSI model. What is difference between TCP and UDP.TCP ports ranges - Reserved, Available...

Interview Question – Network Layer of OSI model

This section describes the Interview questions related to Network Layer of OSI model. What are the protocols used on this layer.Difference between Routed protocol and...

Interview Question – Data Link Layer of OSI model

This section has questions related to the DATA Link Layer of OSI Model What is the data on this layer called?Describe the two sub-layers of...

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